Originally published on Politic365: Respectability Won’t Save You– Following dubious circumstances around the death of Sandra Bland, some speculated that had she behaved differently during her encounter with a Texas State Trooper, she would be alive today. This is often referred to as “respectability politics” and unfortunately U.S. history has shown that no matter how virtuous African-Americans behave, it does not save them.

Originally published on The Smugger:  A Call to Action for White America – With the nation continuing to wrestle with the the continued and perplexing violence against African-Americans by law enforcement, a call to white allies to stand up and be heard.

Originally published on Ebony: The Morning After:  The Midterms are Done, What Comes Now? – Post election analysis of of contest across the nation, that left little if anything for Democrats to feel good about.

Originally published on Ebony: Election 2014: Five critical elections for African-Americans– A look at a few of the most important mid-term elections of the 2014 cycle. This examines everything from Gubernatorial elections, to Congressional house races even contests in the United States Senate.

Originally published on EbonyWhy is Speaker Boehner Suing the President?– The Speaker accused the President of acting beyond the scope of his power, what remains to be determined is whether or not he’s correct.

Originally published on Ebony: Congressional Black Caucus Hosts Returning Citizens Panel– Attorney General Eric Holder and other stakeholders gather to discuss ways to integrate formerly incarcerated black men back into society.

Originally published on Ebony: How Dave Brat Beat Eric Cantor– What lessons are there to be learned from a surprise defeat for a key member of the House GOP leadership team.

Originally published on Ebony: Where Do Blacks Fit in the Immigration Debate– Ray looks at the debate around immigration reform and wonders what it means for those coming from Africa & the Caribbean.

Originally published on Ebony: Congressional Black Caucus Holds Hearing on Black Boys & Education– 60 years after Brown v. Board, members of the CBC convene a panel to develop solutions that lead to the best academic results for male children of African descent.

Originally published on Ebony: American Federation of Teachers Commemorates Brown at 60- While, the nation battles with how public schools should best educate the nation’s children, the organization goes to Topeka, Kansas to learn lessons from the past.

Originally published on Ebony: Cliven Bundy: The GOP’s Latest Race Problem-Ray takes a look at the GOP’s unwillingness to distance themselves from the controversial cattle rancher and others with racist rhetoric and behavior.

Originally published on Politic365: Conyers and Wilson Form Full Employment Caucus– In an effort to combat income inequality and persistently high unemployment numbers (particularly in the black community) Reps. Conyers and Wilson create the “Full Employment Caucus”

Originally published on The Smugger: Richard Sherman, Sarah Palin & the King Holiday– Ray looks at the deeper story behind the Richard Sherman backlash, while examining Sarah Palin’s comments about President Obama and the irony of it all taking place on the MLK Holiday.

Originally published on Politic365: What The Congressional Black Caucus Will be Working on in 2014 A look at what members of the CBC will be working on legislatively in 2014.

Originally published on The Smugger: A Eulogy for Evan– After hearing news that his high school friend and classmate Airman Evan Curbeam’s body was found in the waters of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, ray wrote a piece eulogize the young man with a big heart.

Originally published on Ebony: Black Journalists, Respectability & Responsibility– Ray says black reporters have a deeper obligation when it comes to telling stories of people of color.

Originally published on The Smugger: Don Lemon is a Coward… and a Troll- CNN anchor Don Lemon wrote an op-ed that attacked Adrian Peterson in the wake of his young son’s death. Throughout the piece Lemon argues he isn’t judging but continued his attack on Peterson. Ray takes issue with Lemon and addresses him.

Originally published on The Smugger: What Am I Supposed to Do Now? A Selfish Reflection on the Death of Jonathan Ferrell – Following the death of unarmed African-American man Jonathan Ferrell, Ray looks at the fragility of black life.

Originally published on The Smugger: Recapping the March– A look back at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Originally published on The Smugger: A Deserving Victim– Observations from the George Zimmerman murder trial where the character of the victim Trayvon Martin was put on trial. When it comes to African-Americans history seems to suggest that blacks have to prove they are victims whose assailants should be punished.

Originally published on Politic365: Fruitvale Station: Congress Goes to the Movies– Rep Barbara Lee (D-CA) organized a screening of the film Fruitvale Station for her colleagues. About 30 members of Congress came out to the screening.

Originally published on The Smugger: A Film Fit For the King– An outdoor film series that played at the Martin Luther King Memorial debuted with a movie inconsistent with Dr. King’s message of non-violence.

Originally published on The Smugger: An Open Letter to Rick Ross- Rap Artist Rick Ross had a line in a song he was featured on where he brags about slipping a drug into a woman’s drink without her knowing. The very next line is about the sex he had with the woman, again without her knowing. One thing we all know is this is date rape. As a man, I had to call my fellow brother out on this.

Originally published on The Smugger: On Lupe, Tavis, Cornel & Barack The three most famous black progressive voices who criticize President Obama are often ignored and dismissed by other blacks because most people believe they have a personal axe to grind with the President. That may be fair in dismissing them, but where does that leave all other black progressive critiques of the President?

Originally published on The Smugger: Death Don’t Taste Good– Upon hearing word that one of the players I used to coach in recreation football was shot down on the streets in our neighborhood I had to take a moment to reflect on what if. I tried to look at his death everyway I could hoping to find some positive takeaway. All I could muster were the words of the poet Sunni Patterson from her classic spoken word piece We Made It “death don’t always taste good”

Originally published on TheLoop21: Where’s the Outrage Over Black Sexual and Physical Abuse– Between missing children going unreported, to stories of black victims being ignored it was time to address the vast disparity in media attention victims of color received when it comes to be physical and sexual abuse.